this week

Last night I had a dream that I got a Samoyed puppy. It was adorable and I was sad when it
didn’t exist when I woke up…so here he is, Fjord, my dream Samoyed!
Jackalope Family!

Some new doodles this week!
Mostly inspiration from
 '@Sketch_Dailies' on twitter!

I bet they’d never go outside when it was windy.

thanks tumblr!

For the theme of Joan of Arc.
I had to draw my all time fave joan of arc / generally for childhood nostalgia -
from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure!
 And here are a few links to my various web places -
Including brand new Twitter!
Oh and I have my tumblr too, but I forgot to draw an icon for that! :(
Anyway - check them out!

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