IF- Focused

A picture for my friend's birthday.
Luckily it fitted with the IF word this week~

+ball of wool...

Toffee the Cat

(click image for full view)

A few studies from my sketchbook. My cat, Toffee.
Pencil+scanned, coloured on photoshop!
This is from a few months ago, I'm scanning old pictures from sketchbooks at the moment, trying to get it all finished for friday- coursework due day!

IF- Renewal

(Click image for full view)

My first Illustration Friday entry, the word was Renewal.
Drawn in open canvas. I'll try and do this more often :)


I meant to post this sooner, so sorry for delay!
Christmas Card 09...
Hope everyone has a good 2010!

Here are a few pics from school- sorry for bad scan quality.