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24 Hour Comics 2012

So yesterday I took part in the '24 Hour Comic' challenge -
The brief was to create a 24 page comic in 24 hours-
we were each given two random words to work with and draw inspiration from -
my words were 'false beard' and 'fantasy'.
here a few snippets of my first comic...




you can read the whole comic here-  http://photobucket.com/soph-24
I enjoyed drawing for this, but wish I could have had longer to complete the story!
I'd like to revisit the story again in the future :)
well done to everyone who took part! it was such a enjoyable -and tiring- project

The Red Shoes

Scroll down for more illustrations -
I've just finished a short project, illustrating the fairytale "The Red Shoes",
by Hans Christian Andersen.
A creepy tale, but so much fun to illustrate!


Karen herself was dressed very neatly and cleanly; she was taught to read and to sew, and people said that she was pretty. But the mirror told her, “You are more than pretty—you are beautiful.”

 She danced out into the open Churchyard ; But there the Dead do not Dance ;
they have far better things to do.

"Dance shalt thou!" said he. "Dance in thy red shoes till thou art pale and cold!

But strike off my feet in the red shoes!

Illustration in Edinburgh

So -  I've started my illustration degree at Edinburgh University!

I've been here for a month, as of today, and am in love with the city.
I'll try and keep this blog updated with my project work - it's been a busy month!

A week project based on three words-
'Growl, Bottle and Viridian'

and, of course, cat doodles.
I'll post more later! Thanks for visiting!