moonlight serenade

I’ve just finished this project-Illustrated responses to songs;
Les Feuilles Mortes by Yves Montand, Moonlight Serenade by Glenn Miller, To The Edge of the Earth by Michael Nyman, Footsteps in the Dark by Elmer Bernstein, God Bless the Child by Billie Holiday


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We have a current project to update a weekly blog about our routine, observational drawing etc. These are a few of my faves so far...
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Objects in Space

Objects in Space
Short animation for class. We were given 20 seconds of Chopin’s ‘Polonaise in F Sharp Minor op.44’ to animate. I haven’t done a lot of animation before, so this was fun to make!

24 Hour Comic Day

24 Hour Comic Day 2013 --
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so I took part in 24 Hour Comic Day again this weekend -
stayed up working from saturday morning to sunday morning, creating this comic.
The aim was to get to 24 pages, but I didn't quite make it this time!
Such a fun exercise, though very tiring... Will be revisiting these characters again to finish off their story... Enjoy!


trying to draw more houses and more observational work this week...


Editorial Illustration -- for an article linking school exclusion to prison in later life.
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Start of third year illustration at Edinburgh. This was the first short project of the year -
combining salmon and sheep. yup. art school!


A sketch for Illustration Friday. The word this week -  jungle.
Haven't done IF. for far too long! I need to get sketching again, the summer is nearly over...
I like tree houses...


drawing with a nautical theme

summer doodle

It's the Summer - Doodling has started!


A Wes Anderson/Fantastic Mr Fox themed Birthday card for Ailsa
I love Wes Anderson and all of his films, I want to do some more fan art this summer...
Just doodles! And a video of Ash, the best character...



Illustration for an article in Edinburgh University Magazine, Nomad.