IF: Mail

For Illustration friday, 'Mail'.
Also my christmas card for this year!
I hope everyone is having a good winter time- lots of snow here!


Another sketch for some school work- coloured pencils on purple paper :)


please click image for full view!

Something for school. Based on Utagawa Kuniyoshi's painting of cats that form the japanese character for 'catfish', (here's the painting)
I studied his work for school, and thought I'd have a go painting my own cats in this style <3
I hope you can see what it spells out? Did you notice it straight away?
Anywho, more watercolour cats, wa-hay


Five Cats. Sorry for not posting for a while-
I have lots of school work!!

IF- Spooky

Illustration Friday- "Spooky"

IF- Old-Fashioned

A bit late this week...

Dogs and Doodles

These were other ideas for my 'sleeping dogs' entry, and some ink doodles... :)

IF- Dessert

Another illustration friday entry- "Dessert"
Sorry I missed IF last week-
I went back to school this week, so busy busy busy~
I'll post some more stuff soon...

IF- Atmosphere

Another Illustration Friday, 'Atmosphere'
A picture for my friend's 18th Birthday, of her two cats Breeze and Billy <3>

IF- Star Gazing 2

My second picture for illustration friday this week
The characters from my first entry actually interacting with stars~!

IF- Star Gazing

Looking for shooting stars...

IF- Artificial

Please click image for full view!Another IF entry! 'Artificial'
Meet Pickles and L-45513

Cats... again!

I decided to scan some more of my cat sketches- I draw so many!

And a few photos of my 'inspiration',
my two cats, Toffee and Fudge!Toffee is currently sleeping on the clean washing, oh dear...
Please click on the images for full view!

IF- Double

(click image for full view!)
Yes, it's cats again.
Another Illustration Friday entry- "Double".

IF- Breakfast

Click Image for full view!
Another Illustration Friday entry-
Maybe next week I'll post something non-cat-related...!

IF- Giant

(click image for fullview)

Another Illustration Friday entry, word was "Giant"

IF- Satellite

Click image for full view!

Finally, they had made it to the Cat's Paw Nebula!

Image for IF. The word this week was 'satellite'.
Starring 'NGC 6334', also known as the Cat's Paw Nebula!

IF- Trail

Click image for fullview!

Entry for Illustration Friday this week, a trail of cats!

IF- Slither

I wonder what shampoo she uses...
sorry I haven't posted for a while!


Please click images for full view!

Wow, an upload! First post in over a month, sorry! I've really been busy with school... coursework, revision... and playing the new pokemon game!
So I've been drawing a lot of fish-y things for school art coursework, here are just a few sketches. I'll try and upload some more soon :) (I love brown paper+colour pencils!)


Coloured pencil on black paper. I love fish...

IF- Adrift. Version 2

Click Image for Full View!

2nd version of this week's IF word. Another Cat~!

IF- Adrift

Please click image for fullview!

Another IF entry; this week's word was 'Adrift'

IF- Muddy (With a Tortoiseshell Cat)

Illustration Friday - Muddy
I love Tortoiseshell cats!

IF- Focused

A picture for my friend's birthday.
Luckily it fitted with the IF word this week~

+ball of wool...

Toffee the Cat

(click image for full view)

A few studies from my sketchbook. My cat, Toffee.
Pencil+scanned, coloured on photoshop!
This is from a few months ago, I'm scanning old pictures from sketchbooks at the moment, trying to get it all finished for friday- coursework due day!

IF- Renewal

(Click image for full view)

My first Illustration Friday entry, the word was Renewal.
Drawn in open canvas. I'll try and do this more often :)


I meant to post this sooner, so sorry for delay!
Christmas Card 09...
Hope everyone has a good 2010!

Here are a few pics from school- sorry for bad scan quality.