Illustration in Edinburgh

So -  I've started my illustration degree at Edinburgh University!

I've been here for a month, as of today, and am in love with the city.
I'll try and keep this blog updated with my project work - it's been a busy month!

A week project based on three words-
'Growl, Bottle and Viridian'

and, of course, cat doodles.
I'll post more later! Thanks for visiting!


  1. Oh wow, those bottles are awesome :D
    And are you busy with a bachelor or with a master?

    1. Thank you! They were fun to decorate <3
      And I'm an undergrad, studying for a BA! :)

  2. Great stuff! The creatures on the long bottle look a bit like pokemons... It is a compliment even though I am probably too old to admit pokemon liking.