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Something for school. Based on Utagawa Kuniyoshi's painting of cats that form the japanese character for 'catfish', (here's the painting)
I studied his work for school, and thought I'd have a go painting my own cats in this style <3
I hope you can see what it spells out? Did you notice it straight away?
Anywho, more watercolour cats, wa-hay


  1. Hey, I am xAerisx on DeviantART. I just found this piece through the "Cute-as-pie" club, and now I am totally in love with your work.

    I am familiar with Kuniyoshi's piece, and you have executed this extremely well! Not only are the letters spot-on, but the cats still look natural and your colors are perfect.

    You know what you are doing. :D

  2. Hello Meesh, thank you for the lovely comment! I'm really glad you enjoy my art <3